Great success with Street Beat Blues

Hello Blues-fans,

it´s still a bit unreal but Street Beat Blues got sold more than 100 times already, which is pretty amazing because I´m just selling it beside my live gigs. I think it´s exactly what it was ment to be „The Takeaway Live Street Blues Album“. I heard some really nice stories as for example about a couple went on holiday with this CD in the car driving through Corsica. Now they always feel like on holliday when they listen to my music… this is awesome!!

I also already had a great live gig time during the late summer with some great audiences which I never had thought about. Look at the next video which was taken on the Beach Bitch Rock Festival 2017 as you can there´ve been some heavy guys but still got caught from the vibes of Street Beat Blues…

See you down the road!

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