My session with Frank Ferrer (Drummer Guns N´Roses)

Hi all,

there are actually not many bands that I think reached a global superstar status… but without a doubt for some time in the past Guns N´Roses was like the No. 1 thing for Rock Music.

On the 21st June I was playing a gig on a ROLAND promo truck with some good guys from the PPC Music Academy and we recognized somebody in the audients, who was actually having a real good time with our music. Nobody at that time figured out who he was. After 2 bonus tracks somebody of the crew come up mentioning that this guy is Frank Ferrer from Guns N´Roses and he wants to come up on stage and play a little session with us. Frank is a very humble guy, he shook a lot of hands and finally we plaid Knocking On Heavens´ Door. It wouldn´t actually be my first choice as a singer and Frontman and I would never try to sing it in a way Axl Rose does but anyway I did it my way and some guys in the adients later on said to me it was more like Bob Dylon which is totally fine for me 😉

Rock´n Roll!!

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